AWS- Cloud Front | CDN

$Cloud Front 
Refer  image

Perth to new york 18,690 km.

 Rough Example 200KM is approx 1 milisec latency
 if u in perth(australaia) want to access image from new server.. will take couple of second

 if there is CDN copy of image will be store at nearest edge in CDN netwrk wrt PERTh.

 use: cloudfront purge tool

* A worldwide content delivery network 
* to distribute your website throughout the world result in low latency access

* Amazon edge locations see in global
* only pay for bandwidth transmission
* Works on AWS and Non AWS based Servers

Simple in Configuration

*  create a cloud front distribution
* and the linked your resiurces (S3, EC2, ELB etc) to cloud font
* create a dns CNAME  record for the cloud front alias

<img src="cloudfront adresss/Bucket object name" width="" height >