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Difference Between Hashing and Encryption?

Write  all the difference between md5 and sha1?

Write Original value from hash   "0f359740bd1cda994f8b55330c86d845"

Write steps to generate hash value of  heavy files like Kali iso image file.

What are the difference between cryptography and steganography? Which one you preferred for encryption & why?

How to safe servers against DOS Attack? Explain.


  1. Different between hashing and encryption
    1).hashing is a one way function
    2).plain text to produce unique msg
    3).an attacker who steal a file of hased password must then guess the password
    4).compare a file of stolen password hashes againts a rainbow table.

    1).protected when stored on a server
    2).encryption is a option but it has an inherent weakness
    3).the server authenticating the password must have the key o decrypt it
    4).encryption is a two ways function is encryption can be decrypted with the proper file .

  2. Different between Md5 and shal
    1).Md5 is a cryptography function
    2). output size depend on the function .md5 is 128 bites.
    3).md5 turned out to be very broken with regard to collision .
    4).md5 is a easily generate collision and should not turns any more

    1).SHA has a hash .sha is actually a family of hash function.
    2).160 bits for SHA-1 and SGA-2 is 256 bits
    3).SHA-0 is also broken in that respect and SA-1 is a bit flaky
    4).hash is function output is just a sequence of bits

  3. Different between cryptography and steganography
    1).it is known as cover writting .
    2).secret communication
    3).not altered
    4).less popular
    5).special domain, transform domain, model- based and ad-hoc

    1).it means sectret writing
    2).data protection
    3).altered only of the transmission
    4).more commaly used
    5).confidentility,data integrity,authentication,and non repudiation.

    a dos is an attack method used to deny access for legitmate user of an online service .this service could be a bank or commerce ebsite a saas application or any other trpe of network service an attack user a non-trivial amount of computing resource which they built themselve or more commonly by compromisnsing to send enough traffice ..... EXAMPLE if a bank website can handel 10 people a second clicking the login button an attacker only has to send 10 fake request per second to make it so no legitimate user can login.there are a multitude of reason someone might want to shut a site down activism,competitive brand damag and just plainold boredom.

  5. 82375efa407a5847c0c24e499551743d original hash value