1. There are Five Phases of Ethical Hacking
    1. Gaining Information
    2. Scanning
    3. Gaining Access
    4. Maintaining Access
    5. Clearing Footprints

  2. 1. Gaining Information
    It is basically collecting all the information on which we are going to work.

  3. 2. Scanning
    It is checking the information gained by us is true or not.

  4. 3. Gaining Access
    It means we have permission or we can control what we have hacked.

  5. 4. Maintaining Access
    It means that how long we are able to control the thing we have hacked.

  6. 5. Clearing Footprints
    We have to delete all the information or changes made by us during all the above phases.

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  8. 1.Info gathering: in this step we gather as much info as we can of the site we want to hack.
    2.Scanning: to check whether the info gathered is correct or not.
    3.gaining access: means that we have to take permission of the site we want to hack.
    4.Maintaing access: means to maintain the access of the site as long as we can.
    clearing footprints: we have to delete all the info we entered if the site is going to reach us.

  9. Phase 1:Reconnaissance
    Reconnaissance is the act of gathering preliminary data or intelligence on the target. The data is gathered in order to better plan for the attack.
    Phase 2 Scanning:
    The phase of scanning requires the application of technical tools to gather further intelligence on the target.
    Phase 3 Gaining Access:
    Gaining access means taking control of one or more network devices in order to either extract data from the target, or to use that device to then launch attacks on other targets.
    Phase 4 Maintaining Access:
    Maintaining access requires taking the steps involved in being able to be persistently within the target environment in order to gather as much data as possible.
    Phase 5 :Covering Tracks
    The final phase of covering tracks simply means that the attacker must take the steps necessary to remove all semblance of detection.

  10. 1.Footprinting- Gathering Information. preparatory step to get as much as information possible.
    2.Scanning- Checking Collected Information. And To Gather Further Intelligence on target.
    3.Gaining Access-Taking Control of Targeted Machine. AND Privilege to Administrator to Extract Data , to Modify or Delete Data etc.
    4.Maintaining Access- To persist the connection in background of targeted machine or till the task Finishes.
    5.Covering Tracks- Clearing traces which can lead towards detection.
    or returning th targeted machine to non-recognizable state.

  11. 1-Reconnaissance: is a set of processes and techniques (Footprinting) used to covertly discover and collect information about a target system.
    2-Scanning: Checking Collected Information. And To Gather Further Intelligence on target.
    3-Gaining access: taking control of the target we have hacked.
    4-Maintaining access: To control access for another attack.
    5-Clearing Track: deleting all folders we have created to not find any traces leading to the hacker.

  12. Five phases of ethical hacking 1. Gathering- 2.scanning- 3.Gaining- ek system ko dusre system se data lena this is called gaining 4.maintaining- ek chej per control krna long time tak is called maintaining. 5.covering track- all data deleted is called covering track .


    1.info Gathering
    3.Gaining Access
    5.covering track

  14. Q1. Write about all the phases of Ethical Hacking?

    Ans. Ethical hacking can be classified into the following steps-
    1. "Information Gathering"
    This envolves the follwing methodology in the given sequence
    a. Foot Printing
    b. Scanning
    2. Gaining Access to the victim's system using all the information gathered by foot printing and scanning.
    3. Once you access your target now you are supposed to maintain the access by installing some viruses or some scripts over the target.
    4. Once you are done with everything now you are supposed to clear the traces of your presence.