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#Online Marketting- Email Marketting

Industrial standard for email open is around 12% more than ppc

3 billion email account in the world(do u know anyone who do not have email id).

Sending newsletters and promotional content

Giving them something in return(ebook, voucher, newsletter,market study)

Email list similar to youtube subscriber so on

--bought/rent email list(chances to go in spam)

***3 main methods of email marketing***

Advertising(Placing your message in business newsletters)
Non-Permission based (bought list)
Permission Based(people gives permission or wiki/ CAN-SPAM_Act_of_2003)

Ways to Gather Email Data
 Provide something white paper, daily tips, product discount, checklist, cheat sheet, video or tools , trial subscription etc

 During registration
Host online events like webinars .
Record attendee email during offline events.

Have multiple CTAs(Call to action on your site) can place in sidebar, in footer, in the content

Tools To cature email id from wesbites
Email Lead Capture Plugins:

header bars (above the navigation bar) :Icegram ( and Hello Bar (,

Pop Up Domination ( for pop ups,

Un Pop ( for pop ups that appear in places on your site that don’t cover the content so it doesn’t annoy your reader,

Interrupt ( interrupt) for placing email forms at the top of your content which disappear once the reader scrolls down.

Add CTA with cool plugins(Email leads capture plugins)
Popup type (placed on site in such a way does not annoy visiter)  for placing email forms at the top of your content which disappear when reader scrools down

Email List segmentation(splitting email list in more specific or targeted group)

Segments can be
Company or product update
Daily Email List
Weekly Email List
Monthly email List
(Note it reduced your unsubscribe rate)

Email Content and Software for email for News Letters

Main elements of email and point to be focus

Subject Line

Sender email Address and Name(Actual person name in place of company name  or generalised one info@ )
(u can set this info to the staff member who heads the newsletter or email or the founder of company)

Opening line: visible to the reader even they open the mail

Email body:  try as short as possible

Offer /info/ update:

CTA: Add a clearly visible CTA(Not more than 3)

Email Signature:

Unsubscribe option and physical address

Note: Don't use heavy and lot of images(add alt value) in mail

When should send mail...
Metrics to analyze

Open Dashboard and Focus on

Open Rate: open /total email
Attrition rate: (No longer receiving mail/Total emails)
CTR: who clicked on CTA
Conversion rate:Numbers of Action Taken/ Emails Delivered
Unsubscribe rate: (unsubscribe/Emails Delivered)


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