Phishing 2.0


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1. Before checking name of any website, first look for the domain extension i.e .com,  .org,,  .net,  .in etc.
The name just before extension is the *DOMAIN NAME* of the website.

E.g., in, the word before .com is *"diwali-festivals"* (and NOT "amazon").
*AMAZON* word is seperated with ( . ) dot So, this webpage *does _not_ belong to*, but it belongs to *""*, which most of us haven't heard of before.

You can similarly check for fraudulent (so-called) banking websites.
Before your e-banking login, make sure that the name just before ".com" is the name of your bank.

""  belongs to +ICICI*,
but "" belongs to something and not icicibank.
""  belongs to "com"!

2. There can also be a typo in domain done purposly to confuse user to do phishing. Eg:i or does not relates to

3. Nowdays you may have also seen various spam messages forwarded by users claiming to get free mobile or mobile phone at Rs.250/- or Free Talktime etc.

Before attempting to forward such messages, always check for domain name and website. Inputing data and doing some task as said on their website may result in your smartphone infected by some malware. There are several scripts present on such website which may be executed. So Beware and dont fall in such trap. There is nothing *FREE* in this world

4. Also please check before downloading apk or android apps for smartphone.

Does not belongs to *Google*, it belongs to which is not owned by Google.
But belongs to *Google*.

Please give wide publicity to mitigate phishing.


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