mac spoofing

## mac spoofing

iwconfig wlan0  # To see to which ssid machine is current associated

airodump-ng -c 4(channel number) -a  --bssid mac address of hotspot mon0

#comman dmeans show all access id, who are connected to hotspot

ifconfig to see current mac address of our machine

if monitoring mode is on stop it first
sudo airmon-ng stop wlan0

sudo ifconfig wlan0 down

macchanger -r wlan0 # to know cureent mac address and new changed mac address


macchanger -m mac to be change wlan0(one of mac address connected to hot spot) wlan2  #  to change known mac address

sudo ifconfig wlan0 up

ifconfig wlan0 up

ifconfig wlan0 # to check new mac address


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